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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Up Close & Personal (Pizza)

Busy vegan bee product reviews continue. This time, it’s about pizza!

Last month I purchased a frozen Amy’s pizza – the personal-sized gluten-free soy cheese pizza. No frills. I didn’t actually photograph this (if I remember correctly, I was eating in a rush and didn’t have time), but you aren’t missing much.

Shortly after that, while strolling through the Tampa Whole Foods Market, I was excited to find this – a frozen, gluten-free, vegan veggie-tastic pizza. At just $3.99 – considerably cheaper than Amy’s – I threw one in my cart with little hesitation.

Right off the bat, let me say that this is a great little pizza! It has plenty of toppings, but would still be fun to add more (for some reason, while munching this pizza, I kept thinking that chickpeas would have been a good addition).

My favorite thing about this pizza is the crust. It’s fantastic! Kind of on the thinner side, but not too much (not cracker-thin), it had just the right crispness. The sauce was delicious and all the veggies added such wonderful flavors. I will definitely be purchasing this pizza again!

A recent Groupon purchase brought me to Chuck’s health food store in Brandon, Florida. I kind of hate Chuck’s: they are ridiculously overpriced (more so than Whole Foods), their customer service sucks, and they often have expired refrigerated items sitting on the shelf for weeks at a time, even after a customer bring it to their attention. Ahem.

Anyway, like I said, I had a Groupon, so I paid them a visit. The $20 Groupon didn’t get me very far, but I wanted to use it toward something new. This Ian’s gluten-free vegan French bread pizza looked promising.

I followed the baking instructions, including the 4 minutes of broil time at the end. Turns out, 4 minutes was too long, so if you make this, keep an eye on it!

Despite a little extra crispness at the edges, this was a good little pizza! (Emphasis on little.) Again, the crust won me over, but in a different way than the Whole Foods pizza. This Ian’s pizza had the thickest, fluffiest gluten-free crust I’d ever eaten! Most GF crusts that I’ve had were on the denser, crisper side, so this thick, fluffy crust was a welcome change.

Again, this pizza is like a blank canvas for toppings. Veggies, mock pepperoni, ‘shrooms, anything could go with this pizza, as long as it fits!

Have you tried either of these pizzas? What is your favorite frozen veg pizza?


  1. Your Chuck's sounds like my Apple Crate! Which is extra horrible because my WF is an hour away. Darn you, bad health food stores!

  2. I love that little WFM pizza. Being gluten/soy free, it's the only one I can have without having to spend nearly $20 at zpizza or making homemade. Sometimes I add a little Daiya, and sometimes I leave it plain.

  3. Oh hell yeah! Those French bread pizzas look awesome! I wish we could get something like that here.

  4. both of those pizzas look great, and im not usually into frozen pizzas. i know loukas would really enjoy the cheese-less one. those veggies look fresh.

  5. I really like the Tofurky pizzas... they're like the frozen pizzas I ate when I was a kid. Total guilty pleasure, but so good!