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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Few Florida Foods

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I visited two new states on this journey! It's so exciting to check off another state.

Since I'm back on the Vegan MoFo track, it's time to talk about some food. Here are just a few pictures of some recent eats.

When I arrived at my friend's house Friday night, she welcomed me with open arms and this lovely spread of vegan snackage.

tortilla chips and Publix black bean dip (so good!), my favorite hummus, raw celery and red pepper slices, and marinated green olives (I typically don't like green olives, but these were okay!).

I should have photographed the platter of vegan pinwheels we made that weekend. They turned out great! They were made with sun-dried tomato & basil tortillas, a layer of spinach & artichoke hummus, and then layers on top of that of cucumber, basil, spinach, and red pepper. Delightful! I helped chop and peel the veggies, but my one attempt at rolling them was a squished, oblong disaster.

My friends/current roomies and I picked up Chinese food one night from a groan-worthy named place called Wok On By. I ordered the tofu with garlic sauce. Not bad for a strip mall, take-out place.

These are some dried veggie chips from Richard's Whole Foods, one of my favorite stores in southwest Florida. (Their bulk selection is amazing.) The jicama stick (front & center) is my favorite.

After an afternoon of job-hunting and traffic-battling, I stopped at the Whole Foods hot bar.

I honestly don't know why I bother with their hot bar. I rarely ever like what I eat there, but it was quick and easy. On the plate, you're looking at Vegan Chik'n Stew with brown rice,

Masala Veggies,

and two kinds of cold tofu: BBQ Something-or-Other, and cilantro-pesto tofu.

The tofu was the best of the three.

And finally, my first home cooked meal in Florida. Last night I made a simple stir-fry.

Tofu, diced bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach over brown rice. I only used granulated garlic and a little splash of soy sauce for seasoning. It was just right.

It feels kind of weird to cook in an unfamiliar kitchen, to not use my old familiar kitchen gadgets and appliances and cookware. I'm getting over it, though. I'm going through all kinds of changes, both big and small, these days. It's all exciting in some way and I welcome them all.

In other news, I was excited to read THIS on Ecorazzi this morning. Babycakes has opened a location at Disney World! I may not make it to NYC anytime soon, but (now) I can certainly swing a quick trip to Orlando!


  1. I was just wondering this week if you were near a Publix! Love those stores!

  2. I don't think that's a jicama dried veggie chip. It appears to be a dried taro root chip.