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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Best Tofu Scramble Yet

I've always loved the idea of tofu scramble. I've always thought they sounded really good, too. However, I wasn't always the best at making them myself. Over the years, I would occasionally experiment with tofu scrambles, always adding or tweaking or taking away. Then my stop in Saint Louis just three weeks ago, where my darling host whipped up a fantastic batch of tofu scramble, gave me some ideas to perfect my own tofu scramble concoction. Last week I had a serious craving for some yellow crumbly tofu, and I was very pleased with the results.

I used almost half a block of extra firm tofu (drained and squeezed, of course) and crumbled the pieces by hand. I tossed it around in the pan with a little bit of olive oil and the oh-so-necessary turmeric, as well as some garlic, curry, cumin, coriander, and freshly cracked black pepper. Next came the veggies, my favorite part: diced bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach, as well as a couple Tablespoons of salsa (this is KEY!). I also threw in some leftover kidney beans and brown rice because, as we all know, anything goes in a tofu scramble.

And then I just cooked and flipped, tossed and cooked some more. I seem to like my tofu scrambles "well done." If the end product seems a little dry, I found that a little barbecue sauce perks things up quite nicely (as seen above). If you're a ketchup kind of person, I'm sure that could work, too.

The "anything goes" vibe of tofu scramble really appeals to me, especially when it's time to use up things in the fridge. Experimentation keeps things interesting in the kitchen. Instead of kidney beans, black beans or chickpeas would be a great option. If you have leftover quinoa instead of brown rice, toss it in! Any kind of pepper would work well, too. Go spicy if you aren't a wimp, like me. Since it's post-Thanksgiving, you could throw in some diced Tofurkey, if you're buried in leftovers. If I had had any avocado on hand, I would have chopped some up and added that after removing the scramble from heat. I highly recommend the salsa, though: it made such a phenomenal difference. Dare I say, it was what was missing all along.

In conclusion, tofu scramble is art.

What's in your tofu scramble?


  1. That looks good. I haven't yet put beans in scramble, but it's clearly a good move. I love tofu scramble (seriously, I think my life changed for the better when I learned how to do it at home) and I like how quick it is. I eat it as often for supper as for breakfast/brunch.

    My favorite includes broccoli and red bell peppers. Tame, I know. I also like it breakfast burrito-style, and I think some beans are in order the next time I do that.

  2. Awesome...I love the anything goes attitude. But mine always has mushrooms and onions! This look awesome :)

  3. The best tofu scramble I ever made had okra in it! It was soooooo freaking good.

    I also use a small pinch of black salt to give it some egg-y flavour.

  4. Looks very tasty, love the spices