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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Tofutti Yours Truly Frozen Dessert

When I was a kid, long before my vegan days, I was a big fan of Drumsticks. Don't remember those? They're the ice cream cones with the hardened chocolate shell, covered in peanuts. At the tip of the rubbery waffle cone was pure chocolate. This was my favorite summertime treat.

When I saw these Tofutti Yours Truly cones at the supermarket, it brought me back to those summer days in Connecticut, sitting on the patio with my feet in the pool, sitting in the sun, trying to finish a Drumstick before it melted all over my swimsuit (as if I really cared!).

Sadly, Yours Truly cones don't have any peanuts, which is almost a deal breaker for me. Still, being back in Florida has me craving frozen treats again, so I looked passed these nut-less cones and gave them a try.

The cookie topping is deliciously chocolatey, but this is a messy shell. I recommend eating this over the sink (if you're a classy dame, such as myself). Otherwise, be prepared for little pieces to fall all over the place and melt almost instantaneously.

The ice cream is a yummy, sweet vanilla. Semi-related question: Are you one of those people who can BITE into ice cream? I cringe just thinking about that. My teeth are too sensitive and the idea of sinking my teeth into some ic... I can't even finish that sentence.

I got a great kick out of the cone because it had that familiar rubbery texture that I remember from my Drumstick days. And, I was happy to find a chunk of chocolate in the cone's tip!

In conclusion, Tofutti Yours Truly cones are a fun, messy treat, that would be made so much better with the addition of nuts.

What is your favorite Tofutti product?

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  1. The thought of biting an ice cream cone made me literally shiver with horror. My teeth would not like that, either!

  2. Where the eff did you find these?! Our grocery store has an entire freezer dedicated to Tofutti products and they do NOT carry these! I would love to try those! And...I'm guilty...I bite my ice!!

  3. @Danielle,
    I found them at a grocery chain in Florida called Sweetbay, in their "healthy" foods section.

  4. The chocolate at the bottom is totally the best part!

  5. Also- I'm with you in biting it- my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

  6. Looks amazing! Wonder if we can get them here in Aus...

  7. I love how the real ice cream cone looks so much different than the picture on the box. Ever seen this site? :

  8. I'm not one to bite into ice cream either. I haven't had a drumstick in ages - but I want to see if I can find this version! I love tofutti cuties.

  9. my regular grocery store just started carrying these! they are so good. i agree with you on the cookie bits but i can bite into ice cream! haha

    also yes, that bottom portion of the cone is amazinggg!

  10. I LOVE those things! I'm also a total biter. I don't know how else I would eat it?

  11. Hahaaa, I eat standing over the sink way too often...

    That last bite of the cone is always my favorite.