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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Wheat Me Alone

Over the holiday weekend, I kind of felt like Michael Jackson in his video for "Leave Me Alone."

But instead of being hounded by the paparazzi, I was bombarded with wheat products. Seriously, here's the breakdown:
Tofurkey and other wheaty trimmings on Thursday
Pizza on Friday
Some pita bread Friday night (and normally, a few little pita triangles wouldn't hurt me, but this time, it was on top of the rest of the wheat extravaganza, so it was just more wheat fuel to the wheat fire).

Needless to say, I'M DONE!

I've blogged about my relationship with wheat in the past, but I feel I should address it again, since it's been awhile. I'm not 100% wheat-free. I don't believe I have Crohn's or Celiac's or even an actual wheat allergy, but I've never been tested by a doctor or dietitian. It's through intuitive eating, through listening to my body, that I realized that I am what I call wheat sensitive. I can handle eating a couple crackers or a cookie every now and then, but my pasta and sammich days are over (unless it's with gluten-free pasta or bread, which doesn't seem to bother me). It was through the elimination of wheat products from my regular diet that made me realize why I constantly had stomach and digestive issues, ever since I was a tween (which is also when I first went vegetarian and started to eat a very pasta-heavy diet because I was clueless about nutrition, didn't know how to cook, and was the only vegetarian in the family). This was not a huge sacrifice to make, though, because once I learned how to cook, I lost interest in pasta.

After my Two Day Wheat Extravaganza, I was pretty stoked to go to Sweet Tomatoes with a friend on Sunday and load up on some necessary veggies.

Hoofin' it around Fort Myers was also lovely (and pretty darn hot).

Watch out for that gator!

If I had to choose a palm tree to represent myself, I think it would be this one.

I'm back aboard the veggie train, having left Wheat Station, and not looking back. (Until the next major holiday.)


  1. Your pictures of warm weather are killing me right now! Also, I noticed that Fud in Kansas City has a gluten free option for their jackfruit reuben- just an FYI.

  2. I have not thought about Sweet Tomatoes in so long! I've got to go there sometime soon.