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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Whole Lotta Pizza

After a little bit of activism on Black Friday, a group of lovely vegans and I worked up an appetite for some pizza. We set our sights on Gourmet Pizza in Tampa and our appetites on STUN.

Vegan breadsticks were a-flowin', both with and without Daiya.

I went thirdsies on a cheeseless "pesto vegan" pizza.

I used to somewhat dislike green olives, but since returning to Florida, I have found myself face to face with green olives several times, and I'm starting to like it.

Here's the pesto vegan pizza with melted Daiya shreds.

A veganized Mediterranean pizza (not actually on the vegan menu, but was made upon request)

A 10" mushroomy pizza

Psst... they also offer vegan & gluten-free cookies from a local bakery! I didn't try any of them, but I certainly appreciate them being available.

I'm not the biggest fan of vegan pizza, purely because it's too much bread and NEVER enough veggies. Still, Gourmet Pizza is a nice, vegan-friendly pizza place in Tampa with some interesting flavor combinations. I appreciate that they also offer 10" gluten-free crusts, as well as vegan & gluten-free cookies. (That's something I always loved about Waldo Pizza: the vegan cupcakes!) And still, my most memorable vegan pizza experience remains Galactic Pizza in Minneapolis. Their pizza is great, but it's those delivery men in superhero costumes that really do it for me...


  1. That pizza looks great, and you just might be happy you're coming around to green olives. I don't want pizza when I'm craving vegetables, but other times it's my favorite food. The pesto pizza looks like my favorite.

  2. Ok - honestly the breadsticks look amazing. I do miss them. If I lived anywhere near tampa I would have to go. Thanks for sharing.