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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Final Thoughts

Here we are, the last night of Vegan MoFo. What a month it has been.

I started out in Missouri, shared my Vegan Story, and just a week into this blogathon, I moved 1,400 miles away.
I blogged along the way, sharing notes from the road and my stops in Saint Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, and Gainesville. When I made it to Florida, safe and sound, I kept on blogging, despite being in a time warp since leaving the Show Me State and living in limbo since I arrived in the alternate universe that is southwest Florida. Still, I hit the ground running and have been very optimistic about everything since I returned. I've even been able to share some glimpses of my Florida life with you, through potlucks and nature and, of course, food. (Including a Thanksgiving flashback.) There were some fun reviews and some fun giveaways. I shared with you a vegan rap song and a vegan poem (neither performed or written by yours truly - sorry, folks! Maybe next year!).

I had every intention of blogging for every single day of November, but I missed three days, due to internet complications on the road once, and heavy distraction upon arrival twice. I think you understand. Because of all that I had going on, I fell behind with reviews and giveaways, but that just means you can look forward to them in December, just in time for Festivus.

I had so much fun reading all the fantastic vegan blogs that participated in Vegan MoFo. It felt like we were all running a marathon together. A marathon of delicious food, ran from our seats and desks. Though I can't promise daily blogging post-MoFo, I will be blogging regularly, so I hope everyone will continue to stop by. I'll still be eating and I'll still be traveling, thus I will still have something to share.

I dedicate this song to my fellow MoFo-ers. Job well done, comrades.

(I will also take any opportunity to post early 90s music videos.)


  1. I'm beyond thrilled about the Boyz II Men video. Next time post "I'll Make Love To You."