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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Little Vegan Ditty

Oh, there's so much to say and so much to share, but I'm afraid I just don't have the time to post it all before midnight. Thus, I shall share a very vegan-friendly rap diddy called "Be Healthy" by Dead Prez. (Not entirely safe for work, FYI. Just a few curse words.)

I don't eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets
only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat
I'm from the old school, my household smell like soul food, bro
curried falafel, barbecued tofu
no fish though, no candy bars, no cigarettes
only [Greens!] and fresh-squeezed juice from oranges
exercising daily to stay healthy
and I rarely drink water out the tap, cause it's filthy

Lentil soup is mental fruit
and ginger root is good for the yout'
Fresh veg-e-table with the mayatl stew
sweet yam fries with the green calalloo
careful how you season and prepare your foods
cause you don't wanna lose vitamins and miner-ules
and that's the jewel
life brings life, it's valuable, so I eat what comes
from the ground, it's natural
let your food be your medicine (uh huh)
no Excederin (uh uh)
strictly herb, generate in the sun, cause I got melanin
and drink water, eight glasses a day
cause that's what they say

They say you are what you eat, so I strive to be healthy
my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy
cause true wealth comes from good health, and wise ways
we got to start taking better care of ourselves

What are some vegan-friendly songs you enjoy?

1 comment:

  1. i am so glad i now know of the existence of this song :)